The aim of my design is to provoke designers to see outside the boundaries that an ordinary manifesto would create. Designers should not be limited in their practice due to efficiency, sustainability, aesthetics or any other quality that is deemed important. Instead designers should aim to seek out their own priorities and values built... Continue Reading →


Final Clarity Cards

My final Clarity cards are depicted through 3 individual decks - Majors (Gods) Mediums (Animals ) and Minors (symbols) Follow the Links to see the PDF Files of each deck - YELLOW CARDS 1  (Minors - symbols) YELLOW CARDS 2 (Minors - symbols) GREEN CARDS 1 (Medium - Animals) GREEN CARDS 2 (Medium - Animals) BLUE CARDS... Continue Reading →

CCDN 331 – Clarity Cards

  Designer Clarity Cards Inspired by Tarot Cards, my final project are Design Clarity Cards, to inspire designers to look past what is believed to be 'efficient' or 'good' design, to find their own values shaped through their own experiences. here are multiple combinations that the cards can evoke, encouraging designers to consider how they... Continue Reading →

CCDN 331 – Project 4 Interim

  The overall concept for the product and its message is that all designers are individual, and are shaped by their experiences and therefore hold different styles and priorities. The main ideas I needed to consider was how someone would interact with the final product to communicate this message. The idea is to create Tarot... Continue Reading →

CCDN 331 – Manifesto

A Manifesto On The Rules Of Design Just Another Manifesto  It seems there are always ideas to determine what is good design, what is the most valuable and effective and what rules a good designer should follow. However, rules don’t always apply.  Perspective is dependent on the individual designer, their experiences, their culture, their society,... Continue Reading →

CCDN 331 – Manifesto Ideas

SUSTAINABILITY- LONGEVITY AND QUALITY   Sustainability of Design should not affect the longevity or quality of the product. There is a large focus on the sustainability of design, formed by biodegradable material and designed to have no lasting negative impact on the environment, however there is less focus on the permanence of design and  the... Continue Reading →

CCDN 331 – Critical Writing Final

Gamification & the After Effects Thesis Statement: Gamification can have extreme effects on society, with gamified elements consistently developing into consumer lifestyles it is providing designers with an unethical tool for behavioural design and psychology.   This paper discusses the problem with the implementation of gamification in design and how the strategy has developed into... Continue Reading →

CCDN 331 – Project 3 Interim

Essay Plan  Topic: Gamification Critical Perspective: Priming society through gamification results in designing behaviour through behavioural psychology. Summary: There are many issues with Gamification, it is a difficult element to construct, when not applied effectively it creates only a temporary and costly effect, when over applied and executed it had the power to change views and values.... Continue Reading →

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