CCDN 331 – Project 4 Interim


The overall concept for the product and its message is that all designers are individual, and are shaped by their experiences and therefore hold different styles and priorities. The main ideas I needed to consider was how someone would interact with the final product to communicate this message.

The idea is to create Tarot cards, that display different design elements and styles.

Main questions to consider:

How is the product organised and delivered?

How are they placed?

How are they read?


I’ve decided that similar to Tarot cards, there will be be two categories. The Major and the Minor. The major will look at main styles and types of design

  1. provocative
  2. Sustainable
  3. Strategic
  4. Minimalist
  5. Arts and Crafts
  6. Bauhaus
  7. Post Modernism
  8. Radical Design
  9. Design Culture
  10. Meaningful Design

These may be changed and expanded on to provided a larger variety.


The minor cards will look at more specific elements and forms.

  1. Aesthetics
  2. Versatile
  3. Engaging
  4. reliable
  5. Structured
  6. Dynamic
  7. Simplistic
  8. Provocative
  9. Power
  10. Organic
  11. Impermanence
  12. Futuristic
  13. Old Fashioned
  14. Inspiring
  15. Connective
  16. Vitality
  17. Efficient

I hope to create approximately 30 cards in total that belong to the minor category.



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