CCDN 331 – Manifesto Ideas

The following are possible ideas for my manifesto;

  1. Creation before Crisis Point                                                                                      Designing for problems before they occur, through finding the problems early they can be solved before the issue arrises
  2. What doesn’t Kill It Makes It Stronger                                                                                All design has new life in it when it is replied and repurpose, simple DIYs and the benefit of new life can increase its lifespan and reduce thew waste.
  3. Be Your Own Critic                                                                                                                      A designer should ask themselves the important questions so as to better their design
  4. Design to Challenge Assumption                                                                                                       Make people question what they already think is true, this opens up dialogue of new question and ideas.
  5.  When Rules Don’t Apply                                                                                                         It seems there are always ideas to determine what is good design, what is the most valuable effect and what rules a good designer should follow. However rules don’t always apply.  perspective is dependant on the individual designer, their experiences, their culture, their society, their needs and their beliefs.  A designer creation is based on what is important to them and sometimes the rules just don’t apply.

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