CCDN 331 – Manifesto Ideas



Sustainability of Design should not affect the longevity or quality of the product. There is a large focus on the sustainability of design, formed by biodegradable material and designed to have no lasting negative impact on the environment, however there is less focus on the permanence of design and  the ability to provide long standing products built from environmentally safe materials is invaluable within design. Within Allan Chochinov ‘1000 Words: A Manifesto for Sustainability in Design’  he discusses  designing for impermanence (Chochinov, 2007), however through embracing the longevity of design, designers have the ability to create quality products and change the consumption behaviour within society.

This manifesto aims at designing for the balance between sustainability and longevity of a product.  Quality of design should not be compromised through its need to be biodegradable, instead designers should embrace both qualities within design to create a balanced product.   Current western design production has a focus on planned obsolescence, creating objects with the intention of a limited life span to encourage increased consumption. Through designing objects to combat this design it is possible to encourage a new consumption behaviour within society. This in turn limits the effects of material wastage and therefore the future environmental impact, producing less harmful wastage on a much smaller scale.

However the ability to design for longevity does not need to compromise the quality of the material and the effect of the product at the end of its eventual lifespan, all design is impermanent, and the ability of the design to be deconstructed and reused, repurposed and/or reduced safely back into the environment is imperative in current design practices.

Designers are ultimately responsible  for the perception society maintains on the consumption culture, and through embracing these vital qualities designers can produce meaningful quality products that have no harmful effect on the environment and a positive behavioural change in society.


Core 77. (2007). 1000 Words: A Manifesto for Sustainability in Design. By Allan Chochinov. Retrieved from


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