CCDN 331 – Project 2 -Part 1

Canopy of Wires

1. Critical Perspective

Urbanisation and technology is an interdependent cycle. It is an is an all consuming system that frames the lives of society, and the development of this cycle is visible through the canopy of wires that cage us from above.


2. Literary Review summary

Within wellington, the city has thrived with new technology however i feel that technology is becoming all consuming. In the article ‘The Process of Urbanisation’ Tisdale discusses the double edged effect of technology on society “it both disperses and compacts, both facilitates and frustrates, both preserves life and destroys ” (Tisdale, 135).   She discusses both the negative and positive factors of technology and how it has impacted society such as within Wellington.


H, Tisdale. (1942). The Process of Urbanization, Social Forces. Oxford University Press. 20(3), 311-316. doi:10.2307/3005615




3. Initial Collection



4. Haiku and sounds Draft 1

In my Haiku I would like to bring across the point of how these wires define where Wellington stands as a society, these wires show the urbanization of culture, how unnoticed they are despite the fact that they frame the sky like bars in a jail.

Canopy of Wires

Hidden in the Leaves Above

Shaping the City


My imagination for the sound is something that has a slide like impression, as these wires slowly slip into place above our heads.



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